June 13, 2015

In the Art Room..#20-A Mad Dash To Finish

There will be no cruising in to summer vacation in the art room this year. Most of my students are working to the very last class to get projects done. 
5th graders are finishing their prints. This was the last printing class for all of them. Once they finished their prints, they will mount the best and worst one and give me reasons for both. 

Love the results of these reduction prints!

I finally got to sorting and packing up the 4th graders recycled crayon projects. 
6th graders started the week by getting back all their one day drawings. This was a massive collection as some works date back to their first art class in fall 2008. That was also my first year at the elementary. They had a blast looking at their work and writing comments on post its. While I'll passed back they created a retrospective book to hold their drawings. 
This is from a first grader this year, but it's an example of what the 6th graders got back. 
Kindergarten artwork was being passed back this week. To keep the bags quiet in the hallway ( do you know what 20 kindergarteners sound like when carrying bags?) I made their bags into backpacks. I'm so fancy! 
I love listening to kids thoughts on art and our projects. I'm having all grades tell me about their favorite projects from the year. Although this one from kindergarten isn't very specific it's my current fave. Bonus: this project keeps students busy while I sort through piles of artwork. 
I decided to move my O'Keeffe flowers to second this year. It's a quick 3 day project with beautiful results! Students zoom in on flowers using a viewfinder and draw with pencil. Then trace lines with glue. The next day they use chalk to color petals. They use three colors next to each other on the color wheel. They are stunning! They need about another 15 minutes to finish these up. I'll be sitting artwork while they work!

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