June 6, 2015

In the Art Room..#19-Are We There Yet?

*note* this was ready to go last Saturday. Apparently it didn't finish publishing. 😣

June is crawling. We have 12 more days of school left and they are going to be a long, slooooow 12 days. On a good note, the weather was 70-ish all week and I didn't pass out from heat exhaustion this week  (we don't have AC). 
We are finishing a few more projects this week. Another first grade class finished their Henri Rousseau animals and jungles. One first grade class is  way ahead of the other two, they did the bonus project so I pulled out my trusty backup. Collage! Give kids glue, fancy scissors and scrap paper and let them have fun. 
This was 3 minutes into the class. Before we got to work we watched a brainpopjr video on collage. 

Some kiddos wanted to collaborate! 
Third graders are working on this two day optical illusion project. They used rulers to make their own spikes. 
4th grade wampum belts should keep us busy right till the end! 
Kindergartners are also doing collage. We tore grass and they could make any type of house they wanted. I took away their pencils and am quite impressed with their free hand cutting skills! 
There it is! Week 38! Now to spend the weekend recovering from this head cold/allergies I have! 

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