May 30, 2015

In the Art Room...#18-Ice Cream Rainbows & Printmaking

Good news is this short week is over and June is here! The bad news is it's dress season for me and I don't carry my phone on me as much. This means less photos­čś×. Since we are visual people this can be a slight problem. I'm going to try harder next week...I promise. 
Kindergartners painted their ice cream cones this week. I had my first class put black around them and it wasn't so successful. The black was uneven and needs to be touched up. The other two classes will not paint their backgrounds. 
5th graders started printing this week. We are using foam instead of rubber stamps this year. I taught them how to make reduction prints and they thought that was pretty cool. Reduction printing wouldn't have been possible with rubber stamps. Note: techincally it would be but the point of a rubber stamp is permanence. That is lost when you do reduction prints, a one time printmaking process. 
And that's it for photos! Other art room events include 
1-Getting kicked out of the art room for NYS science test on Tuesday & Wednesday. 
2-4th graders are making their looms for wampum belts and designing a high contrast pattern for them. 
3-1st grade finishing Rousseau jungles and a class falling behind because of a field trip. 
4-2nd grade writing and typing their royalty stories. 
5-My week long practicum student got to witness the entire crazy week. I think he has seen the gamut! 

So next week I will take more photos or wear my dresses with pockets or get a fanny pack. 

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