May 23, 2015

In The Art Room #17...Ice Cream Cones and Jungle Animals!

Let's just say this was a verrrrry long week. I am going to sum this week up really fast because we have a 3 day weekend and I need to turn my brain off! 
We worked on cutting and gluing with my pre-k kiddos. We made these cute lil flags using 9x12 white, 6x9 red (they cut their own strips) and 4.5x6 blue. So there is no waste when prepping this one. 
Field trips began this week so I worked my way through some piles of projects that needed to be graded. 
It was soooo humid Monday! I spent my planning taking down all non essential artwork because they were falling off the walls. They even felt damp. Then I recruited some 6th grade helpers to help me sort and organize it. 😄

Trying a new color wheel project with kindergarten. I've done birds in the past but that is usually around the spring. Since it's the end of the year I decided to go with ice cream. So far so good, next week we will paint!
5th graders started their typography prints!
One class has squeaked ahead on the Henri Rousseau Animal project. This group made leaves and tissue paper backgrounds on Monday. Friday we collaged all the parts together! 

Whew! So there is my super quick recap! Happy Memorial Day! 

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