May 2, 2015

In the Art Room...#14 First Field Trip and Busy Bags!

The weeks are getting longer here. That means that spring is in the air and we are in our final stretch!! We had a pretty exciting week over here, most importantly a very successful first field trip
Monday was a half day. We had the afternoon to work on our report cards. Since my grades aren't due until 40 weeks, I graded some clay projects and photographed slab boxes too. 
We got a good laugh outta this accidental target butt on her whistle.
Working on a new project- Royal Portraits. Spent the second day making crowns, hair and painting our skin colors. I used Reeves flesh tint in the tube and give the kids brown to mix in if they want.
Then it was time for field trip prep. I won the Target Field Trip Grant this year and I was taking 30 4th, 5th and 6th graders to Corning Museum of Glass.
Corning is 2.5 hours away. On a school bus... I had to give them something to keep them entertained.  I made busy bags for the field trippers. I gave them paper for thank you cards, snacks, name tag label, life savers, twizzlers, crackers, pipe cleaners, mechanical pencils and a note from me. I also brought dry erase boards, markers and pom poms. It worked pretty well.
Despite the 5 hour drive we spent a good portion of it along Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes. It was a beautiful day for a trip! So what did we do?
Students made their own blown glass ornaments!
Fused glass sun catachers!
Sand Blasted Drinking Cups!
A guided tour!
A hot glass demo!!
 And one of students won it!!
And that is the quick version of the trip! This card won best card. It was for our bus driver, Brad. It was a super success, no one got lost or threw up (both wins in my book!) I would definitely do it again. I would leave a little earlier and stay a lot longer! 
Back at school we painting our shoes!! Students have the choice of painting the bottom of their sneakers and stamping them on the soles of their self portraits...which I don't have a picture of. Ugh.
1st graders made some orange for their tigers and lions. This is a base coat, more details will be added next class.
In other news I have been busy making tons of mugs in the studio! I have a show today at the Salt Market that is being held at St. Clare Theater in Syracuse!

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