July 8, 2015

In the Art Room...#21 - Final Days!

So I had this post already to go and never published it! Bah! End of the year brain. 
Let me try again! 
I had my final full day with kids on Friday. I had this countdown on my desk since May to keep track of how many days I had left with my kids. We all know that the end of the year assemblies, ceremonies, picnics and field trips and mess with our anticipated days we have left. 

My final pile of artwork to pass back. I sort it all out on tables by students. Much easier than spinning in circles passing it back at their desks. 
While the students work I get brave and let some work with play dough. This has been in my cupboards for 7 years and I just opened it. 
Most of the students complete one day drawing activities. I use this as an assessment of their portrait skills. You can get your own free copy here and read about it more over at this post. 

Whew and that is that!! Year #9 in the books!

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