April 27, 2014

Free markers at Staples!

Head over to Staples this week to get your free Crayola markers! Great prizes or rewards for students! 

April 17, 2014

PlayColor Solid Poster Paints-I'm in Love!

I had one of those moments. A teacher moment. A slap your forehead moment. A why didn't I do this sooner moment? 

**Play Color Poster Paint Sticks**

I discovered this product at an art conference. In case you haven't figured it out, conferences are the place to go to get the latest and greatest art products.  
Hard at Work!

April 16, 2014

Up in the Studio

I have been working with a few new glazes and combos, especially this beautiful new green glaze from my favorite place +Clayscapes Pottery . I guess it was the month of March and I was feeling Irish and dedicated a whole load to these colors-burnt orange and green. Head over to the shop and see what else I have made or pick up a piece of your own~ Scoville's Studio on Etsy!

I can't make enough of these dog bowls!

Have a dog who eats their food too fast? Here is the solution!

Do you use Etsy?  Follow me!

April 14, 2014

Free and Stressfree Art Show Frames!

I don't know a single teacher who actually enjoys matting, mounting and prepping artwork for shows. This is one area I am glad I don't have to waste too much time on being from the elementary. 
I was putting together artwork for a show today and within 15 minutes I had matted 7 pieces! 
How can one mat so fast? 
First, I don't cut my mats. 
My local frame shop does! 
My local frame shop donates their mats, mat scraps and foam core scraps to me a few times a year. I have boxes of beautiful mats that may have been miscut, dinged, or dented.  Since I am not submitting artwork into any major shows where the matting would matter I take this handout whenever I can! 

I store the frames in boxes in my supply room.

Tada! Beautiful frames-no cutting or money required! 
I store the frames, mats and foam core in boxes. I need to go back and organize my frames by size again!
Scraps of matboard, these are sorted by color.

Foamcore scraps
So before you cut or buy another mat, ask you local frame shop if they would be willing to donate their 'second' mats to you. I get calls a few times a year from the shop and if no one takes them they just throw them out! 
What are the best freebies that you get? 

April 13, 2014

Free Art Supplies at Staples!!

It's a great week for some freebies at Staples! This week you can get paper, BIC mechanical pencils and Crayola Markers for free. Simply purchase the items, submit an easy rebate online and get a check back for what you spent. 

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