September 26, 2015

In the Art Room...#24- Perspective Drawing, Fall Still Life and MorePainting!

All the fall projects are underway this week! 
Here's what was happening:
K-making secondary colors and a landscape 
1st-Glue practice and collage with their rainbow project 
2nd-Making stamps and printmaking!
3rd-drawing a fall still life and tracing with glue
4th-starting cake boss project (designing a birthday cake for a famous artist) by learning about Wayne Thiebaud and Buddy Valastros
5th-beginning one point perspective 
6th-beginning two point perspective 
And some pictures for the visual people out there! 
After drawing their fall still life, 3rd graders traced their lines with glue. Next up Chalk Pastels! 

I love their interpretations of pumpkins!
2nd graders try out their lines, designs and pattern stamps. They rotate them and print them 4 times to make radial designs. 
Starting the cake project by sorting work by Buddy & Wayne. Then a written compare and contrast about them.
I use Mike Valenzia's Getting to Know Series for the artist research. The books are easy to read and the information is consistent for all artists. 
Finishing our rainbow project-fancy scissors and glue review. Fancy scissors make everyone happy.
Thursday night I did another paint and sip at a local bar & restaurant. I'm really enjoying teaching these and had three of my student's parents come! 
And I'm currently writing this post while waiting at the doctors office for my 24 week appointment. My excellent sub is painting with prekindergarten, kindergarten and printing with the second graders! And she requests the messy stuff before you think I torture my subs with ridiculous projects. 

So there was my week! You can find many of my handouts  (the cake boss project) on my TeachersPayTeachers account if you are interested! Plus there are freebies over there!

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