October 3, 2015

In the Art Room...#25-Glue Practice, Fall Pumpkins and Art Shows!

Keeping this short and sweet this week! I'm currently in beautiful Lake Placid selling my pottery at Whiteface's Octoberfest!
It's pretty chilly up here so I'm glad I opted for an inside booth! 
In the art room this week....
Some printmaking! 

Prints are looking pretty good! We critiqued our first, figured out our problem areas and are doing much better on day two! 
Glue practice is a must!  Practicing lines, dots and shapes! I also test to see if they know how to write their own names. These sheets are in my  TeacherPayTeacher site if you want your own! 
And I'm finally getting some visitors in my room for extra art!! These kiddos earned two creative coupons and some time to
paint whatever they wanted! 
And that's it! Told you it would be quick! How'd your first month of school go? 

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