October 25, 2015

In the Art Room...#26-I'm back with Fall Projects!

It's been a few weeks and I broke my streak of Saturday posts but I'm alive and well in my lil corner over here!
I had a busy October with 2 art shows, a paint and sip and baby shower #1. So my weekends haven't been as relaxing as I would like! 
So into the art room...
Kindergartners had free reign of glue and scissors to decorate their pumpkins. I trace mouths for them to use, but the rest is up to them.

Those pumpkins end up at Friendly's where we usually take a walking field trip to. The cones were massive. The pregnant lady couldn't even finish it. 
2nd graders are finishing their prints. The best ones are glued onto black paper. Then some reflections and partner critiques with a printmaking word walk. 
I love when my students practice at home. This 5th grader just gets perspective. We are doing dream rooms or cities but he figured out letters in one point! 
This 4th grader made his own cake!
Second grade began to marble for their First Snow project. We learn about Ezra Jack Keats and how he make his illustrations. It snowed over the weekend so no this project isn't too early. 
Most of my maternity clothes lack pockets (why?!?!?!?) so my phone is just not on me as much now so you will have to bear with me! 
Yesterday I had my 28 week appointment , my glucose test (where I drank this super sugary orange drink) and got my first flu shot. 
So there is the past few weeks, if you want to see  more updates follow me on Instagram @michelegorham !

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