November 7, 2015

Mouth of Babes-Student Reactions to a Pregnant Teacher

During the first week of school I announced my pregnancy to all 300 some of my kindergarten through 6th grade students. I was mentally prepared to combat the where do babies come from questions but not some of the others reactions I got. Here are a few gems...

"You must have swallowed a bean. My mom said she swallowed a bean and that's how I got her belly." ~Second Grader

"So what happens if you have the baby while you are teaching?" ~6th Grader 

"Did the baby come out?" ~2 kindergarteners asked after seeing me
in a different, more concealing outfit a few days after the announcement. 

"What happens if you have the baby while driving to the hospital?" ~6th Grader 

"How's the baby boy today?" ~Second Grader (she asks me every time she sees me how the baby is doing)

"You are going to get a lot bigger huh?" ~First Grader 

"That's a good idea, because if that pencil falls you won't be able to pick it up off the floor." ~Second Grader responding to my bathroom sign out pencil with a magnet on it. 

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