January 30, 2019

Construction Themed Birthday Party!!

Somehow, someway, my oldest turned 3.
And instead of me picking a theme for him we went with something that he was into...trucks. For the past few months the theme has changed from PJ Masks, to Blippi to finally construction trucks. He also recently got into Paw Patrol but we escaped that.

Let me tell you that construction parties are fairly easy to pull off and they are affordable. I think we came in under $100 for it. I could have done it cheaper if I would have planned ahead a bit and bought things on clearance/sale. So if your kid is into trucks and has a birthday coming up do  a construction party! 

Favors: $2 a piece

  • Construction hats-Amazon -$6/12
  • Tool belt- Home Depot-.97 each(get ahead of time, my store only had three) 
  • Pencils-Dollar Tree- $1/12 
  • Glow bracelet-Dollar Tree-$1/20
  • Bubbles-Dollar Tree- $3/9 I will scour spring and summer clearance for these in the future-**spoiler alert you will get bubbles as favors if you come to my birthday parties **

  • One box chocolate cake mix $1.69 (shoulda got on sale...ugh)
  • Frosting -$2 
  • Generic Oreos -2.50 (shoulda got on sale)
  • Construction toys- from a Christmas gift- I set a few aside 
Printables -I designed all of these! You can get your own here! You can print black and white on colored paper or all on white paper in color! A little cutting, some string and there ya go! 

Balloons- $5 If your kids love balloons as much as mine invest in the Spirtz brand from Target. They last forever and are very hard to pop! We buy the big pack and it lasts all year! 

Cones-$1.19 each at Hobby Lobby(solid ones) or 4 pack for $4.50 Walmart (have slits on cone) 

Table cloths,  plates, silverware-you can’t beat Walmart for price and color choices. For under $10 you can get more than enough. I keep everything in original packaging and return what I don’t use! (hold on to your receipts for everything!). Plus extra orange and black plates can be used next fall! TIP: don’t buy plastic silverware from Dollar Tree or Real Deals, they break super easy and melt 😬 in hot temp food. 
Napkins- I’m still using solid white vanity fair napkins I got for a quarter from a deal years ago. They actually absorb unlike the kind you find in the party aisle. Plus they are neutral and I use them at every gathering. 

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