February 28, 2015

In the Art Room...#6-I set off the fire alarm...

Now that I have your attention let me tell you about what happened in the art room this week. Most importantly how I set the fire alarm off in my building and it wasn't my first time...
We spent the week getting back in the swing of things. We haven't had a full week of school since December and this week was no exception. We had a two hour delay on Tuesday due to the bitter cold weather that won't leave us alone. I am very ready for spring. And by spring I mean 35 degrees. It will feel like spring. 
We had a snow day on the Friday before vacation. I was going to "water"our clay projects and cross my fingers and hope they stayed wet over the week. I am pleased to announce that even though I didn't water our projects, 98.2% survived! The only ones that dried out were the students who I haven't seen all month due to absences. 
Here is what got done this week:
Pre-K started these adorable hats. We need to add the hat strap and buckle still. 
Once you get over the cuteness, head over here to get the step by step directions to make your own.

February 14, 2015

In the Art Room...#5- Sick Days, Snow Days and No Days

Well, this is going to be a short and sweet post. I got sick this week and that threw a wrench into my plans. And then we had a no day and a snow day... more on that in a minute...but I promised a weekly recap so let's try it anyways!

Monday was good. I was feeling a cold coming on, but nothing that I thought some sleep and tea wouldn't fix. I thought I had time to take some pictures for the week. That day's group worked on their portraits(6th), finished their whistles(5th), finished heart weavings (1st see that project here), and worked on slab boxes (2nd).

February 7, 2015

In the Art Room...#4-Haring Shake, Weaved Hearts and Zentangles

Well, it was a short week in the art room. We are in that odd time when we have a class or two before vacation and students are done with projects. I generally do long term projects, so finding a two day project challenging for me. And with the flu spreading around school, students are missing out (the reason I do longer projects in the first place to give everyone a chance to participate). So see what we are up too...
So while looking for inspiration and searching my Pinterest Projects to Try Board, I came across this Haring Shake video and couldn't stop laughing. This was it. Keith Haring it was.
This has been bookmarked and will be used for future brain breaks!

February 5, 2015

Valentine's Hearts and Weaving Project

If you have been reading the blog lately you have been watching this weaved heart project evolve from painted paper to a mixed media beauty!  Here's a quick lil how to and overview!

Painting, folding, cutting, symmetry, weaving, this project has it all! 
You have heard me say I am not a giant fan of seasonal projects. But Valentine's Day tugs at my heart. So I incorporate a bunch of skills to justify the gushy-ness of  the final product.
This project was done with my first grade students. They started with some red & white tempera in old egg cartons. We made a variety of lines and filled the empty spots with dots. With each line we added a bit more white to our brush. We focused on some brush skills and self control, including dipping a brush into the paint without swirling to keep the white paint clean.

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